Jack Norris’ 50th

A Birthday to Remember!
Thank you!

By Lisa Rimmert, VO Director of Development

Vegan Outreach donors never cease to amaze me with their generosity and kindness, and what they did this month to honor Executive Director Jack Norris is no exception. Jack celebrated his 50th birthday on February 2, and our generous donors gave him the best present he ever could have hoped for—donations to fuel more work for animals!

Together, donors contributed over $28,000, which VO will use to further its mission to spread compassion for all animals! Jack was surprised and honored, and all of us at Vegan Outreach are filled with gratitude. Thank you!


There’s Love in the Air!

“I think that there are countless reasons for falling in love with someone and for me, being vegan is just one of those reasons. My advice for an omni/vegan couple would be to ensure that you each agree on healthy and respectful boundaries in relation to your diets.” Read more.

Love in the Air!


Valentine’s Day Treat: Frozen Chocolate Pies

Valentine’s Day may be done for this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these Valentine’s Day Frozen Chocolate Pies—they’re easy to make, and sweet and chocolatey!

Frozen Chocolate Pies


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pudding

A very unconventional, but unbelievably delicious, way to enjoy the sweet taste of cookie dough. Get the recipe!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pudding


Recent Feedback

This booklet actually changed my eating habits. My vegetarian/[near-vegan] sister couldn’t believe it. Knowing how much I love my dog, I couldn’t bear the idea that I regularly ate animals that photograph with the same happy look my lab has when we take her picture.

This booklet is incredibly well thought out and I wanted to extend my appreciation for what you all do. I’m sure it’s not easy handing these out to a bunch of less-than-welcoming college students, but I wanted to let you all know you at least got to one of us.

—MC, University of Kansas, 2/11/17

Charlotte with students at W&M

The temperature was 20–30°F for most of the day so there were fewer students than I was used to on campus at the College of William & Mary. It was a great day of outreach regardless, since Ryan Phillips and his pig Charlotte (dressed for the cold) helped out. She’s pretty famous on campus already so there were crowds for most of the day, which worked out great. People interacted with her and then got a leaflet from me.

We met many vegans on campus and a few students interested in making the change. I overheard a few students commenting, “I can’t eat bacon anymore,” “I feel bad for eating pigs,” “I’m happy I don’t eat meat.” A lot of people had never seen a pig before today. Laura [below, right] was super excited to meet Charlotte and was ready to transition from vegetarian to vegan!

—Kimberly Moffatt, VO Outreach Coordinator (below, left), 2/10/17

Kim Moffatt, Charlotte, and Laura at W&M


Upcoming Event

North Florida VegFest • March 18 • Tallahassee, FL
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Some screams can’t be heard


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