An Astonishing Day in Coahuila, Mexico

By Emmanuel Marquez, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator

Emmanuel Marquez speaking at UTT

We were invited to give a presentation on the benefits of a plant-based diet to more than 200 students and teachers at the Universidad Tecnológica de Torreón.

Students lined up for iAnimal at UTT

Afterwards, volunteer Joselyn Aguilar and I set up a table with literature and Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets. About 20 students watched the 360° video of chicken farms. There were more in line but many had to leave for class before getting a chance to watch because we only had two headsets.

Emmanuel Marquez, Caleb, Cristian, and Pamela at UTT

Nevertheless, we had an amazing response: Caleb, Cristian, and Pamela [above] took guides and registered to receive our recipes by email; Armando [below, center] was interested in cutting back on meat; and Daniel [below, right] told me his mother is vegan and now he wants to join her.

Administrator, Armando, and Daniel at UTT

An administrator also watched the video [above, left] and attended the presentation. He and other employees were so thankful for the work we do at VO; and on top of letting us leaflet to the rest of the students [distributing a total of 3,200 Fresco booklets], he asked us to keep working with the school and to follow up with the students who showed interest in making changes to their diets, because they want them to be healthy. Some employees even helped us reach students with leaflets and registered to receive recipes. We’re planning to organize a cooking workshop for the personnel, and to share pictures of plant foods rich in protein, calcium, and other nutrients, so they can show them regularly on the screens they have in every building—and much more.

It was literally an astonishing day that I couldn’t believe was happening. Thank you to all the Vegan Outreach donors who make work like this happen in Mexico and around the world!


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Recent Feedback

[My vegan mentor] is more than a huge help. He is so knowledgeable, and if he doesn’t know something, he contacts someone who can help.… There is not a question that I’ve had that wasn’t answered.

—HB, Avon Park, FL, 2/1/17

A great day today! The weather was chilly this morning but I started inside Langara College. I handed out 525 VO booklets and had an interesting conversation with a student who was religious and kept saying that God put animals on earth for us. I said some things that made him understand that animals feel pain and God wouldn’t cause his creatures to suffer. He agreed and we had a pleasant chat about living a happy and healthy life without harming others.

Then I headed to Douglas College and had a great little group of volunteers [Ashley Taite, and Vaeda and Rebecca Abbott, below]. Smiles all around for the mini activist and a good take rate handing out another 675 booklets. Being surrounded by children, we actually had a great conversation with a mother who wanted to make sure all her needs would be covered if she went vegan. We gave her some great information and she thanked us for the work we’re doing.

—Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator (below, center), 2/1/17

Ashley, Vaeda, Jev, Becca, et al. at Douglas College


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