Phenomenal Start to Spring Outreach!

By Vic Sjodin, VO Director of Outreach

This spring, Vegan Outreach has more leafleters in the field than ever before and though the semester is young, Adopt a College activists have already reached over a quarter of a million students!

Already, indefatigable Steve Erlsten has taken the animals’ plight to over 40,000 students! Steve also recently passed out his 700,000th leaflet, making him the third most prolific leafleter in VO history! Go, Steve, go!

Jev Martel at UWinnipeg

In Canada, Jevranne Martel (above) has put on the snow tires and braved cold temperatures to reach undergraduates in British Columbia and the Prairie Provinces and is now working her way east, leaving vegans in her wake.

Yuri Mitzkewich is doing his first tour of Texas and recently had great success leafleting in San Antonio and Laredo.

In Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Kim Moffatt is already storming through her sophomore effort after a big first semester.

Also in the Maryland area, and in addition to her numerous community events, Jamila Alfred has leafleted 20 times this year and handed booklets to just short of 10,000 people.

Emmanuel Marquez at UANE and Joselyn Aguilar at UAD

After coordinating the distribution of over 500,000 booklets in Mexico in the past two years, Emmanuel “Manu” Marquez is now back on the road again with his new intern, Joselyn Aguilar. In addition to leafleting, Manu and Joselyn (above) are giving students Animal Equality’s iAnimal 360° virtual experience each day!

Longtime volunteer John Deetjen is now touring through the upper Midwest and having great success in Wisconsin. He’ll soon visit Minnesota and Iowa.

Lori Stultz has hit the road and is back in Arizona and Colorado reaching many fertile minds and open hearts. In addition to touring, Lori is running the popular VO blog, and coordinating our humane education efforts.

Siddharth Sharma, Pooja Rathor, and Saurabh Sonkar at BHU

Siddharth Sharma is our second India outreach coordinator and he’s been very motivated leafleting mostly in northern India. He recently leafleted Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi with Pooja Rathor and volunteer Saurabh Sonkar (above). Pooja and Siddharth are laying a great foundation in India, enlisting many volunteers, and have exciting tours planned for the semester.

Alexis Clark and Russell S at Hofstra

Another winter warrior is Alexis Clark, who’s leafleting Long Island and New York City with great aplomb, recently having a great day at Hofstra University with Russell (above) and other volunteers. She’ll continue her semester tour through New Jersey.

Sean Hennessy is giving a marvelous effort throughout Ohio. In addition to leafleting, Sean has had many speaking engagements; recently he spoke to a group of 80 students at Ohio State and was well received.

In the Southeast, vegan social media star Cristina Myers (below, left) is starting an 11-week tour. Almost each and every day, she tells us about her amazing interactions with students, many captured on video. It’s so great to have this world changer join our efforts for animals.

Cris Myers at FAU and Karla Reyes & Victor Flores at Albuquerque fest

In New Mexico, West Texas, and Oklahoma, power couple and dream team Karla Reyes and Victor Flores (above, right) are leafleting and organizing numerous community outreach events.

Sam Tucker started his Australia tour this Monday and handed out a personal record 2,500 booklets at Monash University. Way to go, mate!

Thank you for being a part of Vegan Outreach and allowing us to reach so many students at such a wide variety of schools!

And a huge thank you to all you leafleters for all your hard work and perseverance. Be safe out there!!


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VO Australia and New Zealand Outreach Coordinator Sam Tucker


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Recent Feedback

Our day at the University of Texas at El Paso was great; we handed out over 2,400 VO booklets—a new campus record! So much positive feedback and many thank yous for being out there. We encountered many vegetarians who said they’d been considering going vegan, but with the leaflets, they again were getting inspired to head in the right direction to veganism. Best of all was hearing all the athletes telling us how they appreciated us being there and how they had given going vegan a second thought with our pamphlets. Many students were so eager to see what we were giving out. We can honestly say we did not have one negative experience!!

—Victor Flores, VO Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator, and Karla Reyes Flores, 2/6/17

Students at UTEP


Upcoming Events

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