Today Is International Women’s Day!

Vegan Outreach is honored to recognize International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. I realize that as a man running an animal protection organization, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants—not only the women pioneers of the movement as described in Jen Bravo’s latest blog post, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts: Women in Animal Advocacy – Part 2, but also those women who today do so much of the hard work for animals and donate so much of the money that fuels our movement. We’d be nowhere without you—thank you!

—Jack Norris, VO Executive Director

Angela Davis
Photo: Columbia GSAPP / CC BY 2.0


Gato Fest Outreach

By Katia Rodriguez, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator

Francisco Guzman at Gato Fest

In February, Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez and I teamed with intern Joselyn Aguilar and volunteers Francisco Guzman (above), Guillermo Sepulveda (below), and Xochitl Rivera to represent Vegan Outreach at the Gato Fest in Mexico City.

Guillermo Sepulveda at Gato Fest

Since the festival promotes cat adoptions, it’s a great opportunity to reach people who care about animals. This is the second year in a row VO had a table, and incredibly, this year, all of the food at the event was vegan—including burgers, tacos, hot dogs, dessert, and much more!

Thousands of people attended the event. Among the steady flow of people visiting our table, many recognized us from Facebook. A lot of people were already transitioning to a veg lifestyle and were excited to find out about our free Spanish Vegan Mentor Program.

Frida at Gato Fest

We met an 11-year-old girl, Frida (above). Her mom told us that Frida had decided not to eat meat after finding out that a pig who had been running around at a family gathering was to be killed for a meal. Frida’s mom was confused about how to help her daughter be vegetarian but left our table with info and determined to respect Frida’s decision.

We took Animal Equality’s iAnimal to the event and 30 people watched the video. Some broke into tears, but we kept reminding the viewers that we can help farmed animals every time we’re at the supermarket or a restaurant. It was a very rewarding experience.

iAnimal at Gato Fest

We’ve got a lot of new outreach volunteers from Mexico City—we’re so happy we attended the Gato Fest and can’t wait for next year!


Vegan Serial: Ten Weeks of Helpful Tips

We’ve given our 10-week email series a makeover! Sign up for Vegan Serial and you’ll receive weekly emails with recipes, nutrition tips, and more!

Vegan Serial: Ten Weeks of Helpful Tips


Lifting on Plants

Meet Clarence Kennedy—an Irish weightlifter who’s adopted a vegan diet and is attracting attention from many corners of the world!

Clarence Kennedy


March Giveaway: Vegan Outreach Watch with Modify Watches

Guess what time it is? Giveaway time! We’ve teamed up with Modify Watches to bring you a giveaway contest that will make you tick! Enter by March 15.

Vegan Outreach Watch with Modify Watches


BFree Gluten-Free Breads

Vegan and gluten-free? Disappointed with your store-bought bread options? Guess what? Those days are coming to an end—let us introduce you to BFree Gluten-Free Bread products.

BFree Gluten-Free Breads



We’ve still got a few weeks until spring arrives, which is all the more reason to try Maria Porokhovskaya’s recipe for this traditional Russian soup!

Maria Porokhovskaya’s Borscht


Recent Feedback

I handed out 1,410 VO booklets at Ohio University and met Malia [below, left; watch video], a vegetarian student who’s working on going vegan. She said she’s switched from drinking cows’ milk to almond milk and is working on cutting out cheese and eggs, so I pointed out that our Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating shows Daiya cheese and Just Mayo mayonnaise; she hadn’t heard of either but was interested in trying them. Those simple changes can spare animals from a life of suffering; this is why it’s so important not just to teach people about the reasons for going vegan, but also to show them how to do it.

Today at Clarion University, I met a student [Shayna, below, right; watch video] who said she was going vegetarian and then hopefully vegan because of the Compassionate Choices leaflet I handed her. Such a good feeling.

—Sean Hennessy, VO Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator, 3/6/17

Malia and Shayna


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