Call to Action: Take 2 Minutes to Help Get Vegan Options

With these quick and easy tips, you can let California Pizza Kitchen know that vegan cheese would be a great—and highly sought-after—option on their menu!

Want vegan cheese pizza?


PHX Vegan Food Festival Outreach

On Saturday, February 25, Communications Manager Lori Stultz represented Vegan Outreach at the second annual PHX Vegan Food Festival in Phoenix, Arizona:

I was overwhelmed with the number of people who came up to the VO table and told me how much they appreciate the work we do. Many of the festival attendees were vegan, but if I had to guess, the majority of the crowd were only veg-curious. It felt good to be the “why” for people who were not vegan, but had attended the event to try vegan food.

Lori Stultz at PHX Vegan Food Festival


Hosts Needed

Vegan Outreach leafleters are looking for hosts to let two people stay the night within 25 miles of the following locations:

Baton Rouge, LA
Grambling, LA
Itta Bena, MS
Daytona Beach, FL
Fayetteville, NC
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC – 2 nights
Montgomery, AL – 2 nights

If you can host, please contact Nzinga Young at Thank you!


Servin’ Up Seitan Wraps at Alamogordo Health and Wellness Fair

What do you get when you combine a delicious vegan lunch, informative literature, and 100 hungry people? Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Victor Flores tells us that answer as he shares his recent experience at New Mexico State University Alamogordo’s Health and Wellness Fair. Read more.

NMSU-A Health and Wellness Fair


So Much Popping Love

Popcorn Lovers, we got our hands on a new brand of flavored vegan popcorn, Luminous Organics, and we’re here to give you the delicious details.

Luminous Organics popcorn


Vegan Cheese Fondue

Here’s a recipe for a fun, interactive way to awe your friends with vegan cheese!

Vegan Cheese Fondue
Photo: © Sharon Palmer, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian


Recent Feedback

From VO India Outreach Coordinator Siddharth Sharma:

Volunteer Sunil Joseph and I handed out 1,000 booklets on Tuesday at the BFIT Group of Institutions in Sudhowala, Uttarakhand. We got a very good response from the faculty—they appreciate our efforts and allowed us to leaflet inside the campus, as well as at the hostels.

Sumilita [below] is from Tripura and pursuing her computer science diploma from BFIT. Now that she knows the cruel reality of the farms, she’s ready to try a vegetarian diet.

Siddharth Sharma with Sumilita and another student at BFIT

Today at the Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions in Dehradun, Sunil and I leafleted near the gate and handed out another 1,000 booklets. After reading the leaflet and speaking with me, Anand [below, right] is ready to cut all dairy products from his diet.

—Siddharth Sharma, VO India Outreach Coordinator (above & below, left), 2/23/17

Siddharth Sharma and Anand at DBGI

From VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez:

At the Universidad de Guanajuato Campus Celaya-Salvatierra, VO intern Joselyn Aguilar and I started leafleting early in the morning and then tabled with Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets. The take rate was superb and responses were so good.

Thanks to a leaflet Luis [below, left] will reduce his meat intake. Monica [below, right] ate vegan for about four years but stopped. After meeting us and clearing some doubts, she decided to go vegan again and will register for the Vegan Mentor Program (VMP). Angelica was eating veg for a year and went back to eating meat. After receiving a leaflet and watching the 360° footage, she decided to eat vegetarian again but this time with VO’s support. She received a vegetarian guide and signed up to receive our recipes by email.

Luis and Monica at UGTO

Miss Veronica teaches sustainability studies. She congratulated us for our work and asked for a bunch of leaflets for her students, then gave one to her coworker and told him, “See I told you, you need to stop eating meat,” and pulled him over to get him in the picture [below]. She’s a vegetarian and will invite us to her class next time we’re here.

Veronica and fellow teacher at UGTO

Another teacher in the same field was thrilled to see our work. She’s vegetarian too and told us about her siblings who are as well and her grandson who is vegan. I gave her a VMP card for her grandson, so he can register to help people go veg and remain that way. I also gave her my card, so she can contact me to visit her classes to give a humane ed presentation. I couldn’t take a picture of her or get her name and info, because the table was packed with people using the VR headsets and asking for guides and info. But this teacher was so happy that she thanked us and hugged me more than once. It was amazing.

—Emmanuel Marquez, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator, 3/1/17


Upcoming Events

North Florida VegFest • March 18 • Tallahassee, FL
More info.

Gainesville Veg Fest • April 8 • Gainesville, FL
More info.

More upcoming events.


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