North Florida VegFest and Texas A&M Outreach

By Yuri Mitzkewich, VO Southeast Outreach Coordinator

Yuri Mitzkewich at North Florida VegFest

Great day spreading kindness at the North Florida VegFest in Tallahassee this past Saturday! I had a busy day talking with those who wanted more information and to hear about the great work Vegan Outreach is doing. Many came up to talk about how they wanted to transition toward eating vegan, and a good 7–8 were convinced to begin going vegan immediately. So great to have the opportunity to have these impactful interactions!

iAnimal outreach at North Florida VegFest

During the last hour, things really picked up. Jyoti Chawla leafleted the crowd, and Corey Rowland came out to help with Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality equipment. We had great conversations with most everyone who came up to try it. All 26 took info afterwards, and nearly a quarter said they’d start eating vegan!

Sonny Rodriguez at TAMU

Wednesday, March 8, was such an inspiring day on campus at Texas A&M University! Driving up from Corpus Christi to join in again, Sonny Rodriguez (above) did incredible work simultaneously leafleting and getting so many people passing by to stop and check out iAnimal while I worked the equipment.

Vegetarian/Vegan Aggies club members at TAMU

Emily Grizzell and others from the Vegetarian/Vegan Aggies club (above) also turned out to help share the experience with fellow students. This was a big help, as we had an incredible 71 iAnimal viewers—more than at all other VR campus events I’ve done, combined!—and at least 65 of them, including a dozen or so agriculture majors, stayed awhile to learn more about what they could do to avoid contributing to the cruelty they’d just seen.

iAnimal outreach at TAMU

The impact of the footage was a lot to take for the students, but after we let them know they weren’t powerless to do anything about it, they brightened up, and all were hopeful and thanked the group for talking with them. Several students said they were going to start buying vegan food and products immediately and begin changing their lifestyle. And many were also encouraged meeting other students involved in the veg club who could help them learn more about how easy it is transitioning to a cruelty-free way of living on campus.

Mia and Melissa at TAMU
After visiting VO’s table, Mia and Melissa (above) were excited to start on their “vegan journey”; check out these videos to hear what they and the students shown below had to say!
Students at TAMU

Hard to express what an impactful day at College Station this was! Many new animal friends found here in the crowds—no doubt about it!

Thank you to everyone who helped and to all the donors making this important outreach happen!


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Recent Feedback

Today was truly my most amazing day leafleting yet. The students at Queensborough Community College were so friendly and interested. I was stopped by multiple people who had received a leaflet and wanted more information; a few of them had been turned on to plant-based eating by their parents, which is really cool. I also met a bunch of vegetarians, most of whom were gravitating towards veganism and just needed that extra push!

—Alexis Clark, VO intern, 2/24/17

I handed out 1,300 Compassionate Choices booklets today, splitting my time between Fresno State and Merced College. It made for a slightly rushed day, but it worked out well! Best of all, I ran into Taylor, who’s been vegetarian since I met her in September 2015!

—Steve Erlsten, VO Northern California Outreach Coordinator, 3/9/17

Even though Thursday at Monash University’s Caulfield campus was my slowest day last week numbers-wise, it was by far the best for conversations. Within the first five minutes of leafleting, I talked to someone who said he had already been thinking about going vegan, but he liked the taste of meat too much. I told him I always loved the taste of meat too, but that there are lots of mock meats that taste really similar without contributing to animal cruelty. We talked for a while about the different brands and where to get them, and he left saying he was definitely going to give veganism a go! Had four other conversations with people very interested in making changes: one who’s going to start by cutting out chicken, another who’s going to start eating more vegan meals, and a couple of vegetarians wanting to take the next step to veganism.

Today at Deakin University’s Melbourne Burwood campus, I handed out 1,410 booklets and got a video of a guy I met named James [below], who got a leaflet from us here a couple of years ago and is now vegan!

—Sam Tucker, VO Australia and New Zealand Outreach Coordinator, 3/7/17

James at Deakin Burwood


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