Activist Profile: Alexis Clark

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we talk with Vegan Outreach intern Alexis Clark. A New Jersey native, Alexis was asked to leaflet colleges in her home state, as well as in New York City and Long Island, NY. So far this semester, she’s distributed over 14,000 booklets!

Alexis Clark

How did you get involved with Vegan Outreach and leafleting?

I actually found out about Vegan Outreach when I received a leaflet during my first year at Rutgers University! Once I became vegan, I immediately wanted to join the fight to end animal suffering. I contacted VO to ask about internships, and I was put in contact with Outreach Coordinator Kimberly Moffatt, and I joined her at several New Jersey schools for two weeks as a volunteer. Now I’m on my own tour!

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

By far the best moment I’ve had leafleting was when I gave a leaflet to a mother and her young son. They read the information and told me they were both going to stop eating meat. It was just so encouraging as an animal rights activist to see a mother give her child such important information at such a young age, knowing that he could make the connection.

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VO Management Hits the Campuses!

Stepping out from behind their desks and onto college campuses, a few members of Vegan Outreach’s management have been getting in on the leafleting this spring semester! Read more.

Below: VO President Steve Ann Chambers (center) joins longtime VO supporter and volunteer Patti Rogers-Engelby and VO Outreach Coordinator John Deetjen to leaflet Iowa State.
Patti Rogers-Engelby, Steve Ann Chambers, and John Deetjen at ISU


Product of the Week

Alexis: “Look out for NUMU vegan mozzarella! It isn’t currently available in stores, but you can have it on pizza at a number of restaurants in NYC—check out NUMU’s Instagram for a list. If substituting cheese is something you’re worried about, I’m telling you, you’ll never miss real cheese again.”


Southwestern Bean and Rice Chili

Put this chili recipe on next week’s dinner menu—it’s quick, simple, and flavorful!

Southwestern Bean and Rice Chili


Video: Spinach and Tofu Ricotta Puff Pastries

It’s a puff pastry party—you’re not gonna want to miss it!

Video: Spinach and Tofu Ricotta Puff Pastries


Recent Feedback

We had a super amazing time at the vegan pizza party at the University of Windsor last Friday. Twenty students came and joined for pizza and a chat about animal agriculture. Naina Otiv covered health, Ruby Phu covered social and cultural concerns, and I covered cruelty and environmental issues.

We had very awesome students. Some vegans, some meat eaters. But everyone was open-minded, and we had a great discussion and a fair bit of questions were asked. Afterwards, it was nice to hear that a few of the students were really interested in my presentation and wanted to chat more. And it was nice to see the progress a lot of these students wanted to make and to be there to help them any way we can. Awesome, awesome time! We finished with a selfie group shot with some of the students [below].

Naina Otiv, Jev Martel, and Ruby Phu with students at UWindsor

Today, I leafleted with volunteers Ariane Bobiash [below, left], Alex Wichert [below, right, with Jevranne Martel], and John, and we reached 1,700 students at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

Ariane Bobiash at Toronto and Alex Wichert & Jev Martel at Ryerson

I had a few really great conversations, two with students who received a booklet last time we were here. I got a video of Cassandra [below, right] and gave each of them a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating, as they were interested in knowing more.

Cassandra and another happy student at Ryerson

I also had an amazing conversation with a vegetarian who was making progressive changes but still had some worries about health and nutrients. I also gave him a Guide and explained a few different things that he admitted he hadn’t thought of or learned before. He and a fair bit of other students and teachers told me to keep it up and that what we were doing was working.

I had a smile on my face so much today, from student conversations, the sun, and from the support and changes I see happening. Another amazing day with absolutely AMAZING activists! Thanks a ton to them for bearing the cold with me today—so much appreciation for the help.

—Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator, 3/15/17

At Rochester Institute of Technology, volunteers Carol Hope and Katie Curtis joined me, and together we handed out 1,650 booklets. I met more vegans than I have at any other school this tour, many who were professors. One professor came back to tell us he had been thinking of making the switch and now he definitely will.

Carol Hope, Mary Barletta, Kim Moffatt, and Stephanie Coco at MCC
From left: Carol Hope, Mary Barletta, VO Outreach Coordinator Kim Moffatt, and Stephanie Coco.

Today we visited two schools to start the week off. Volunteers Carol Hope, Mary Barletta, Stephanie Coco [above], Lyn Kalnitz, and I reached 1,250 students at Monroe Community College. First-time leafleters Lyn and Stephanie were amazing! Carol, who was with me at RIT, is a real treat to be around. Mary is the activist here in Rochester. All of us had a ton of great conversations with students.

Mary and Lyn joined me at the University of Rochester, where we handed out another 450 booklets and had many conversations with students, teachers, and various employees, including one who took Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets to give to his coworkers. The student group was holding a viewing of What the Health, so we made sure to tell interested students about it.

At both schools, there were many students stopping and reading the leaflets as soon as they were given one. Overall, a great day of leafleting.

—Kimberly Moffatt, VO Outreach Coordinator, 3/27/17

Below are Mary Barletta and two interested students discussing the health benefits of going vegan; and one of the many students who immediately read Compassionate Choices cover-to-cover.
Mary Barletta & students at MCC and reader at UR

At the College of Charleston, volunteer Lauren Walker and I handed out 1,645 Compassionate Choices booklets, and I spoke to a student named Andrew [below, left] who was very interested in helping animals and wanted to know more after reading the leaflet. You could tell he had a lot of compassion and a high potential to go veg. I gave him some info tapping into the ethical part of the lifestyle, and he said he would watch Earthlings as soon as he finished class.

Great feedback today at Appalachian State University. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vegans attending the school. Alex Hobgood [below, right], a student who had just recently gone vegan, asked to join me and volunteered in between classes. We handed out 1,950 booklets, and I exchanged contact info with Angelo Monroe [below, second from right], a staff member who had taken a leaflet and came back asking questions and is very interested in making a transition.

—Cristina Myers, VO Outreach Coordinator (below, center), 3/27/17

Andrew & Cris at CofC and Cris, Angelo, & Alex at App State


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