Activist Profile: Chris Shapard

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we speak with VO Outreach Coordinator Chris Shapard, who’s been leafleting college campuses—and braving the cold temperatures—in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Utah. Chris has shown some serious dedication this spring, leafleting 20 schools and handing out more than 11,000 booklets!

Chris Shapard

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

One recent moment that comes to mind was at a smaller college in northern Utah. There was a religious group who’d traveled from their church in Mobile, AL, to “have a dialogue” with some of the other religious groups on campus. Members from the Alabama group approached me throughout the day, and I had several interesting conversations! I spoke with a woman who was mostly vegetarian, and she got really excited when she realized why I was there. She launched into a small lecture to her peers on the ways veganism fits into the Christian worldview—I barely had to say anything! I directed her to some good resources and she was ecstatic.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add about leafleting?

I applaud everyone who has done one or more leafleting tours. It takes a lot of stamina to go out there again and again, and it’s not always an easy role to play!

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Product of the Week

Chris: “Louisville Vegan Jerky! If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying this brand yet, it’s excellent. All meat eaters I’ve given some to can’t believe it’s vegan.”

Louisville Vegan Jerky


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Recent Feedback

Saurabh Sonkar in Lal Kothi and Pooja Rathor at Gaurav Tower

On Monday volunteer Saurabh Sonkar [above, left] and I handed out 900 booklets in Lal Kothi, Jaipur, where there are many coaching institutes. And yesterday we reached another 1,500 people at Gaurav Tower shopping mall [VO India Outreach Coordinator Pooja Rathor, above, right].

Today we leafleted the Rajasthan Festival at Sawai Mansingh Stadium and were able to hand out 2,600 booklets. Sahil [below, in violet shirt] and his friends were shocked after knowing the reality about milk and meat, and told us they’d like to spread the word at their campus and hostel. We also met a police officer [inset] who told us he hates to wear the leather belt and shoes that are part of his uniform, and he’d be happy if this gets changed.

—Pooja Rathor, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 3/29/17

Pooja with Sahil & friends and officer at SMS Stadium

Awesome day at Lane Community College! Had several conversations with people who seemed very interested, including the man in the photo [below], who said, “What a coincidence that I should see you here! I was just thinking about this issue the other day!” He was very interested in the Vegan Mentor Program.

Another man wanted to be mentored and wanted to help us with future leafleting. I mentioned the mentoring program to a lot of other people who wanted to move away from animal products, as well as to some vegans who might like to become mentors. There were also at least two vegetarians who wanted to go vegan.

—Cobie deLespinasse, Adopt a College volunteer, 4/11/17

Student at Lane Community College

Yay! At St. Lawrence University, a student [Katie, below] was happy to tell me she went vegan after getting a pamphlet from me last semester! I got a video of her.

—Lana Smithson, VO New England Outreach Coordinator, 4/5/17

Katie at St. Lawrence University


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