Vegan Cheese at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut: Add Dairy-Free Cheese!

Vegan Outreach has joined Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) in a national campaign asking one of the world’s largest pizza chains—Pizza Hut—to add a dairy-free cheese.

Check out these easy actions you can take to help make this a reality:

1. Sign the petition.
Sign the petition so we can show Pizza Hut the national support they’d have for a vegan cheese option!

2. Take a selfie!
Print out this sign that reads “I want dairy-free cheese because…” and write in why Pizza Hut should offer vegan cheese. Snap a selfie with the sign and share on social media, tagging @FARMUSA and @VeganOutreach with the #DemandDairyFree hashtag.

Jack Norris selfie with Pizza Hut sign

3. Reach out to Pizza Hut online.
Comment on Pizza Hut’s Facebook page, telling them you’d love to support a vegan option. Do the same on Twitter and Instagram to triple your impact!

You’ll find more ways to help here. Thank you!


Spring Tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Greater NYC Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Nzinga Young and Greater Los Angeles Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Gwenna Hunter just wrapped up Vegan Outreach’s second HBCU leafleting tour—get the full scoop here!

Nzinga Young and Gwenna Hunter with HBCU students


Join Team Vegan Today!

It’s a team effort to make Vegan Outreach’s work happen, and we need your help! Find out two ways you can join Team Vegan today!

Team Vegan members Yuri Mitzkewich and Jennifer Mennuti


Pistachio Hummus

A nutty twist on a favorite refrigerator staple! Get Sharon Palmer’s recipe.

Pistachio Hummus
Photo: © Sharon Palmer, RDN / The Plant-Powered Dietitian


Video: Loaded Vegan Nachos

Load up on cheesy deliciousness with these Loaded Vegan Nachos, courtesy of Jenné Claiborne.

Loaded Vegan Nachos
Photo: © Jenné Claiborne / Sweet Potato Soul


Recent Feedback

Yuri Mitzkewich and BARC members at UCF

Beautiful day out for VO and the Knights BARC team [Yuri Mitzkewich, above, left, with Body of Animal Rights Campaign volunteers] making a difference at the University of Central Florida yesterday! From the get-go, it was obvious the students were in great spirits: the take rate was way up for this campus; and many students, over and over again, stopped to talk wanting to know more about what they could do to avoid contributing to animal suffering.

For the first three hours, we had the free speech zone to ourselves and got out big numbers early. In the afternoon, the BARC team helped set up a virtual reality booth. It was incredible to see the curiosity the students showed in approaching us to experience the VR. Nearby festivities and live music helped, and one of the bands promoted Vegan Outreach, telling the crowd to “help save the animals” and check out our booth.

Together, we handed out more than 2,200 booklets and had nearly 50 students use Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets. It was a wonderful day reaching so many here on campus at this fun event!

Yuri Mitzkewich, VO Southeast Outreach Coordinator, 4/21/17

iAnimal viewers at UCF

Slower day on campus at St. Thomas University today because it’s what the students call “April 6th Day.” There’s a big party going on all day, where students are allowed to drink, and food and games are supplied.

The best conversation I had started with three students who were very interested in what I had to hand out. They grabbed one of their friends who is going vegan and is, from what I can see, going to be an amazing activist one day. Then the rest of their friends started to come out and join in the discussion. Some of them said they knew it was wrong to eat meat but they loved their bacon and steak. I mentioned some great meat alternatives and showed them some pictures.

A beef farmer also joined the conversation. We had a very open-minded discussion, as I mentioned that I was raised on a pig farm and could relate. We had some great things to say, and she was interested in more health information to make her see it from a different perspective. I did have some intoxicated students who were just saying ignorant things and not listening, but I just didn’t engage with them. I continued to focus on the students who were interested. At one point, I had 15 people around listening to what was being said. When some of those separated, I noticed they went to another area and were still discussing veganism.

I exchanged information with a few of the girls who really wanted me to come back next semester and line up a talk for their environmental class, as well as their animal ethics class. So glad I made it to this school today! The students also gave me a little group shot [below].

Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator, 4/6/17

Students at STU

VO Greater Los Angeles Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Gwenna Hunter and I handed out 926 booklets at North Carolina Central University. We met lots of vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious folks. I spoke with one student [below, left] who said she went vegan from getting a VO pamphlet last year, and another student [below, right] who was an omnivore but her mother got a pamphlet last year and went vegetarian.

Nzinga Young, VO Greater NYC Community Engagement and Events Coordinator, 4/11/17

Students at NCCU


Upcoming Events

Vegan Grocery Store Tour • May 13 • Alamogordo, NM
Are you looking to transition to a veg lifestyle, but not sure where to start? You’re in luck! Join VO Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Victor Flores at Alamogordo’s local Albertsons grocery store—he’ll show you the ins and outs of shopping for animal-free meals and snacks! More info.

Oakland VegFest • May 20 • Oakland, CA
More info.

Vegan Meat and Cheese Tasting • May 21 • Los Angeles, CA
Vegan Outreach will be hosting this tasty event at Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. For more info and to RSVP, please contact Community Engagement and Events Manager Roxanne Hill at

Cleveland VegFest • June 3 • Cleveland, OH
More info.

Maine Animal Coalition’s VegFest • June 3 • Portland, ME
More info.

National Animal Rights Day • June 4 • Los Angeles, CA
More info.

More upcoming events.


If you love animals, please consider going vegan.


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