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If being vegan makes a difference—and it does!—then imagine the exponentially bigger difference you make when you donate to inspire others to go vegan! And when your donation is doubled, you make a huge impact for animals!

Today your donation will reach twice as many students

If you haven’t donated to Team Vegan yet, we need you! Please consider making your gift today and it will be doubled. Your donation today means more vegans—and thus a brighter tomorrow for all sentient beings!

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Citrus Berry Cinnamon Rolls

Vegan chef extraordinaire Constance James shares one of her sweet breakfast recipes—Citrus Berry Cinnamon Rolls!

Citrus Berry Cinnamon Rolls by Constance James


Team Vegan Highlights

Dozens of activists are working hard to raise money for animals through Team Vegan. Here are just a few we want to highlight!

Team Vegan’s Merari, Alex, Jack, Eric, Katie, and friend

Fifty miles in two days? Eric Day is doing it! Eric and his friend Ian will be jogging and walking to the Golden Gate Bridge from Pigeon Point Lighthouse, south of Pescadero, California. Eric is matching the donations he raises, so with the overall Team Vegan match, your donation to Eric’s page will be quadrupled!

Merari Ordaz raised the most for Team Vegan 2016, out of all our volunteers! She wants to do it again this year, but she needs your help. She just celebrated her nine-year veganniversary, and she’s hoping you’ll celebrate with her by creating twice as many new vegans with a matched donation to Team Vegan today!

This year, we’re proud to partner with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition to raise money for their critical work. Donations to their Team Vegan pages—like Katie Cantrell’s—will be matched up to $10,000 as part of Team Vegan. For every dollar Katie raises, she’ll do one jumping jack and hand out one leaflet!

Donate to Team Vegan now, and your donation will be doubled!


Recent Feedback

Pooja Rathor with Aakash and friend at Connaught Place
Above is VO India Outreach Coordinator Pooja Rathor (right) with Aakash (center) and his friend.

My friends [volunteers Koushik Raghavan (below, far right), Amit, and Shabir] and I leafleted and did video outreach at Connaught Place in New Delhi today. It was one of the most effective outreach events I’ve ever done.

I met Aakash and his friend [above]. Aakash is a vegetarian and wanted to go vegan. After having a small discussion he said, “I didn’t know that we have vegan options available. I rarely take cows’ milk and now I’ll switch to other alternatives.”

Nitu and Koushik at Connaught Place

Nitu read the leaflet and wanted to know more about the vegan lifestyle. She watched the video and was really shocked [above]. She said, “I will try to reduce my consumption of dairy—I had no idea that the dairy industry treats cows in such a terrible way.”

I also met Payal, a vegetarian who took the pledge to go vegan after having a small discussion.

In total, we reached out to more than 55 people with the videos and handed out 1,120 booklets. More than 30 people pledged to go vegan or vegetarian. It was an amazing experience!

Pooja Rathor, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 5/21/17

Viewers at Connaught Place

From a mentee in our Vegan Mentor Program:

[My mentor] has been vegan for a very long time and was an inspiration to me because of how much it has gotten integrated into her life socially, ethically, etc. She was easy to talk with and also referred me to several events and resources, including a conference which I attended. I am currently vegan.

—JN, El Cerrito, CA, 4/26/17


Upcoming Events

Cleveland VegFest • June 3 • Cleveland, OH
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Maine Animal Coalition’s VegFest • June 3 • Portland, ME
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National Animal Rights Day • June 4 • Los Angeles, CA
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Mac Down Santa Fe • June 17 • Santa Fe, NM
Come eat vegan mac and cheese till your heart’s content as New Mexico locals cook up their best-tasting animal-free mac! More info.

Mad City Vegan Fest • June 17 • Madison, WI
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VegFest KC • June 24 • Kansas City, MO
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Longmont Pride • June 24 • Longmont, CO
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More upcoming events.


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