Spring ’17 Top Leafleters: Parts I & II

Welcome to the first two installments of our three-part series featuring this semester’s most prolific Adopt a College leafleters!

Alexis Clark, Cris Myers, Kim Moffatt, Lana Smithson, and Joselyn Aguilar

In part one, Alexis Clark, Cristina Myers, Kimberly Moffatt, Lana Smithson, and Joselyn Aguilar share their favorite memories from this spring’s campus outreach.

Sean Hennessy, Katia Rodriguez, Chris Shapard, Rachel Shippee, and John Deetjen

In part two, Sean Hennessy, Katia Rodriguez, Chris Shapard, Rachel Shippee, and John Deetjen recount some of their most memorable experiences of the semester.


Doormét Adds Vegan Cheese Pizza!

Vegan Outreach has partnered with gourmet Tampa cafe Doormét to add a vegan cheese option to their menu.



June Giveaway: The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook + Serving Platter

We’ve doubled up the prizes for June’s giveaway. Click here for all the details!

June Giveaway: The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook + Houtwerk Serving Platter


Video: Cozy Cream of Broccoli Soup

Vegan food enthusiast and wellness coach Allison Rivers Samson shares her broccoli soup recipe. You’re going to love this creamy and delicious bowl of goodness.

Video: Cozy Cream of Broccoli Soup from The Dairy Detox


Vegan Cinnamon Banana Oat Muffins

Another delicious—and easy—banana muffin recipe, courtesy of vegan blogger Stephanie at Healthy Hair To Toe.

Vegan Cinnamon Banana Oat Muffins by Stephanie
Photos: © Healthy Hair To Toe


Recent Feedback

Jevranne Martel and reader at Great Glebe Garage Sale
Above is VO Canada Outreach Coordinator Jevranne Martel at the Great Glebe Garage Sale.

Yesterday I started the morning off leafleting with volunteer Hiruni Erantha at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in Ottawa. There was a huge crowd, and I was able to engage in a lot of conversations.

I then headed to the Kanata Ribfest with volunteers Mich Shepard and Darlene Levecque. We had a TV playing footage of farming practices—the sounds drew in more people who then tried Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets. We also politely approached people and let them know we had VR technology showing the life of a pig in a gestation crate. We had some amazing conversations—some booth vendors even went out of their way to tell us to keep it up.

iAnimal viewers at Kanata Ribfest

There were so many amazing experiences, my heart was shining. My favorite was with a mother and her three children. They all watched the VR and were shocked by it. We engaged in a really great conversation and the children listened intently. The mom was vegetarian and thanked me for helping to educate her children. She knew it was going to help them make the switch. I discussed the issues in the dairy and egg industries with them as well. All were once again shocked and left saying they were going to be making active changes toward going vegan.

Reader and iAnimal viewer at Kanata Ribfest

Today at the Kanata Ribfest, Mich and I were joined by volunteer Shawna Harrison. We had a great conversation with a gentleman who was shocked by the information we gave him, even before watching the VR. Once he did, he let us know that he thought it was horrible what the animals go through and that he wanted to go vegan.

We also had a great conversation with a dad who thanked us for the booklet. When we asked him if he was interested in going vegan, he said, “Yes, actually, but I need to do it right.” We discussed what that meant, and he was intrigued and said he would check it out. Never a wasted day!

Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator (below), 5/28/17

Jevranne Martel at Kanata Ribfest


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Red & Green VegFest • July 1 • Albuquerque, NM
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