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Activist Profile: Joselyn Aguilar

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we speak with Vegan Outreach volunteer and intern Joselyn Aguilar. While traveling with Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez this semester, Joselyn leafleted 44 schools and handed out 25,284 booklets!

Joselyn Aguilar

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

When Emmanuel and I were in the state of Aguascalientes last March, a student approached us to ask for a leaflet. He said he was happy we were passing out information about animals and that he was in the process of going vegan. He told me, “At first I wanted to go vegan because of the pollution the meat industry produces, but when I found out how animals are treated on factory farms, I went vegan for them.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add about leafleting?

I’ve always believed in the power of leafleting, but it wasn’t until I did it myself that I saw the real effect it has on people. Since I started leafleting, I’ve met several people who have gone vegetarian or vegan because of a booklet they received from Vegan Outreach.

Full interview.


Festival Outreach

On JuneĀ 3, Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator Sean Hennessy and volunteers Krishna Jayakar and Ellen Sizer distributed 850 Vegan Outreach booklets and shared Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality experience with 100 people at the Cleveland VegFest.

Sean Hennessy, Krishna Jayakar, and Ellen Sizer at Cleveland VegFest

Also on JuneĀ 3, New England Outreach Coordinator Lana Smithson represented Vegan Outreach at Maine Animal Coalition’s VegFest in Portland.

It was a good day at this small festival. A bunch of people signed up for our e-newsletter. I heard from several high school students who are very interested in the issues. And the people who watched the iAnimal VR footage were really moved by it.

Lana Smithson at Maine Animal Coalition’s VegFest

Canada Outreach Coordinator Jevranne Martel and volunteers Mich Shepard, Mary Samuri, and Hiruni Erantha tabled at the Ottawa Veg Fest on Saturday and Sunday, June 3–4.

We were with the Ottawa Animal Defense League, handing out a variety of vegan literature as well as using the iAnimal VR headsets. We met many vegans who were interested in getting more involved in activism, and some activists from cities I’ll be in next semester who were excited to link up so they can help. I spoke to many about the amazing opportunity to double donations through Team Vegan, and we received lots of thanks and support for what we’re doing. It makes me so happy to see the movement growing and that more people want to be active on a more consistent basis.

Mich Shepard, Mary Samuri, Jevranne Martel, and Hiruni Erantha at Ottawa Veg Fest


Products of the Week

Joselyn: “Foreign vegan food products I love are Tofutti’s cream cheese and sour cream. The Mexican vegan food product I love is made by a very small company—so small they don’t have a website yet. I like their Veganisse, which is vegan cheese made out of coconuts, potatoes, and cashews.”

Vegan cream cheese and sour cream by Tofutti


Video: Tips for Traveling as a Vegan

Kim Sujovolsky, founder of Brownble, shares her vegan traveling tips and tricks.

Video: Tips for Traveling as a Vegan by Brownble


Magic Green Muffins

Wendy Gabbe Day is back with an unbelievably tasty muffin recipe that your kiddos will never suspect has veggies.

Magic Green Muffins by Wendy Gabbe Day


Breakfast Tortilla Pesto Pizzas

Pizza for breakfast? You betcha! Renee Press, founder of Fire and Earth Kitchen, makes it easy with these delicious tortilla pizzas!

Breakfast Tortilla Pesto Pizzas by Renee Press
Photo: © Renee Press / Fire and Earth Kitchen


Recent Feedback

Carlos, Linda, Deyanira, Bianca, and Yuri at FIU
Above are volunteers Carlos Yanez, Linda Bower, Deyanira Paz, and Bianca Puig with VO Southeast Outreach Coordinator Yuri Mitzkewich.

We had a really busy day at Florida International University today. It was great having this team [above] on hand dedicated to reaching as many students as we could in our time on campus. Thanks to large groups of high school tours, we reached many more students than I expected. The take rate was super high, and many stopped by our table to see the info we had to share. And thanks to the experienced volunteers running the table, we were able to have great conversations with student after student, and Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets were kept busy the whole day.

It was a great afternoon with so many solid interactions. One that was especially good was with a student named Sel, who watched the VR footage and said he didn’t have time to talk but would return. Although he originally refused to sign our seven-day vegan pledge, we talked when he came back, and he changed his mind. Smiling and shaking hands before leaving, he said he’d be giving it serious thought and would definitely change his consumption of animal products.

Yuri Mitzkewich, VO Southeast Outreach Coordinator, 6/5/17


Upcoming Events

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Toronto Veggie Parade • July 8 • Toronto, ON
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