Spring ’17 Top Leafleters: Part III

Tune in to the last installment of our three-part series featuring semester highlights from this spring’s most prolific Adopt a College activists. In part three, we turn the spotlight on our amazing top-five leafleters: Sam Tucker (50,017 booklets at 36 schools), Yuri Mitzkewich (50,587 booklets at 68 schools), Jevranne Martel (35,879 booklets at 61 schools), Emmanuel Marquez (37,616 booklets at 72 schools), and spring ’17 champion, Steve Erlsten (77,110 booklets at 97 schools)!

Sam Tucker, Yuri Mitzkewich, Jev Martel, Emmanuel Marquez, and Steve Erlsten


Time Is Running Out to Double Your Donation!

  Lana Smithson

Vermont is a beautiful state, but it was depressing to pass by the dairy farms on my drive to leaflet three universities.

It’s heart-wrenching to know the animals are being treated like machines inside those barns—and to think of what happens when the trailers arrive at the slaughterhouse.

As I turned into my first school for the day, I couldn’t help but think, “I wish I could do more.”

—Lana Smithson, VO New England Outreach Coordinator

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Get Down with a Mac Down!

Summer is a great time for pool parties, camping, outdoor concerts, and eating lots of vegan mac and cheese.

Wait—mac and cheese?

Yes, you heard us right. And we’re about to make that important summer “to do” a bit easier, and a heck of a lot more fun.

Vegan Outreach, in collaboration with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, will be hosting several Mac Down events across the country. We’ve got vegan mac enthusiasts lined up and ready to impress you with their delicious, homemade recipes. There’ll be prizes for top placers and a whole lot of fun to be had!

If you can handle the cheesiness, we hope you’ll join us at Mac Down LA on June 25 or Mac Down Columbus on July 15. Next up will be Mac Down Denver on August 19, with more events coming soon—stay tuned for more details!

Upcoming Vegan Mac Downs


The Cheese Trap

If you haven’t kicked dairy cheese to the curb yet, you’ll want to check out this review of Dr. Neal Barnard’s latest book, The Cheese Trap. It might just be the final nudge you need to say goodbye to cheese for good!

The Cheese Trap by Neal Barnard


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Cool off with this perfect summer recipe from Heather Bell and Jenny Engel’s latest cookbook, Vegan 101!

Vegan 101 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Photo: © Kate Lewis


Recent Feedback

Lisa, Anonymous, Sophia, and Stacy at USC
Above are volunteers Lisa Churchya, Anonymous, and Sophia Storlazzi with VO South Carolina Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer Stacy Shepanek.

Today at the University of South Carolina, volunteers and I [above] set up a table in the free-speech zone. It was a slow day, but we still managed to get 22 views of Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality footage. Two students pledged to go vegan on the spot!

Lisa, Sophia, and iAnimal viewers at USC

At the Asheville VeganFest on Sunday, volunteers Leisha Heathcote, Regina Cherine, and I had a great time showing iAnimal to people [below]. The majority of the 87 viewers were not vegan. There were many vegetarians, pescatarians, and veg-curious people, and we had great conversations.

Stacy Shepanek, VO South Carolina Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer, 6/14/17

iAnimal viewers at Asheville VeganFest

Volunteers Ellen Sweeney, Lisa Wade, Belle Stafford, Estelle, and I handed out 2,025 Compassionate Choices booklets at De Anza College today. This was probably my last 1,000-leaflet day for the semester!

One of the best parts was leafleting with Estelle [below, video here], who went vegan seven years ago after receiving a Why Vegan? booklet at Cabrillo College!

Steve Erlsten, VO Northern California Outreach Coordinator, 6/1/17

Estelle at De Anza College


Upcoming Events

Vegan BBQ • June 24 • White Sands Missile Range, NM
We’ll be grilling up vegan hamburgers and hot dogs at this three-on-three basketball tournament. Email VictorF@VeganOutreach.org for more info!

VegFest KC • June 24 • Kansas City, MO
More info.

Longmont Pride • June 24 • Longmont, CO
More info.

Mac Down LA • June 25 • Pasadena, CA
More info.

Mac Down Columbus • July 15 • Columbus, OH
More info.

More upcoming events.


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