Diversity March in Monterrey, Mexico

By Katia Rodriguez, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator

On June 17, a group of very committed volunteers joined Emmanuel Marquez, VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, and me in our hometown’s diversity march to support the LGBTTIQ+ community. In our second time participating, we marched from the beginning to the end and then celebrated in the Macroplaza, the most important plaza in Monterrey. An estimated 11,000 people showed up this year!

Emmanuel, Anasofia, Iris, Karolina, and Carlos at diversity march
Above are Emmanuel Marquez and volunteers Anasofia Vela, Iris Olivares, Karolina Resendez, and Carlos Contreras.

We shared a message of support that included animals suffering in any industry, and used gender-neutral language (with x’s) to get our message across to anyone who read it. The translation is: “We, the animal rights activists, are diverse too. We are against any form of injustice regardless of the victim. Equal rights for everyone!”

While marching, we noticed a lot of people reading our banner and taking pictures of it. We received smiles and thumbs up from many, while others took the time to express how thankful they were that we were supporting their cause too.

Emmanuel and I have been organizing monthly gatherings with our volunteers to discuss upcoming activities, brainstorm, and share new ways in which we can be more effective activists. We strongly believe in intersectionality and have been summing efforts to talk about topics related to social justice.

All of these issues are connected—let’s fight injustice on all fronts.


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Recent Feedback

iAnimal viewers at Chicago Pride Parade

The Chicago Pride Parade was my first event using Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets! It was really helpful to have Jamie [Deetjen] there because she toured for a semester for Animal Equality using iAnimal. We had lots of good conversations with people who watched the video. Many people were very moved and pledged to reduce their meat consumption!

—John Deetjen, VO Outreach Coordinator, 6/25/17

Tiffany Jacks at Indy Pride
Despite having her arm in a sling, Tiffany Jacks (above) spent four hours leafleting the Indy Pride Festival on June 10—she and fellow Indiana Animal Rights Alliance volunteers handed out a total of 9,800 booklets in a single day!

I was invited by Carolina, a vegan student of nanotechnology from the Universidad Tecnológica General Mariano Escobedo, to give a humane ed presentation about the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Thirty people attended the talk and it went very well. The coordinator of the nanotechnology course was very thankful to us and insisted on having us back soon. After the Q&A, I invited everyone to visit our table and use Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets.

Some students—like Andres, Aaron, Joselyn, and Eduardo [below]—attended the talk and were very interested in the topic. And after they watched the 360° footage of Mexican chicken farms, they asked for a guide to start eating veg meals.

It was a good day of outreach with 71 VR users, great interactions, a lot of people reading the leaflets, and different groups of people talking a lot about the topic.

—Emmanuel Marquez, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator, 6/6/17

Andres, Aaron, Joselyn, and Eduardo at UTE


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