Presentation and Vegan Meat Tasting at ITESM

By Katia Rodriguez, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator

Emmanuel Marquez at ITESM

Vegan Outreach was recently invited to one of the biggest and most important private universities in Mexico—Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)—to give a talk alongside a series of other animal-related presentations. Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez gave a presentation called, “The Power of Our Eating Choices.” The students and teachers were engaged, and some approached Emmanuel afterwards to request more information and advice on how to start eating vegan.

Emmanuel Marquez and Luisa Moreno at ITESM

We also offered food samples at this event. Our amazing friends at Tofurky and Mr. Tofu provided a great variety of vegan products, including Italian sausages, and three flavors of chick’n: barbecue, sesame garlic, and Thai basil. Many students asked where they could buy the products for themselves—affirming they were going to work toward reducing or replacing animal meats in their diet.

Students at ITESM
Above is an ITESM student sampling a Tofurky sausage with sriracha Vegenaise; and Cornelia, a vegetarian student who had planned to move towards a vegan diet next year, but after talking with Katia and receiving info and support, she decided to start transitioning right away!

By the end of the event, most students had taken informational literature and registered for VO’s Spanish Vegan Mentor Program. We’d like to thank Tofurky, Mr. Tofu, ITESM’s student animal advocacy group, Comprometidos por el Cuidado Animal, and volunteer Luisa Moreno for helping us. This activity was a huge success and wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without you!

Katia and Emmanuel with CCAN members at ITESM


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Jack Norris with Vitamin B12 to the Rescue!


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Family at Albertsons Market


Spicy Seitan Buffalo Wings

You can love animals and have buffalo wings too!

Spicy Seitan Buffalo Wings


Jalapeño Bacon Cornbread

Thanks to Tofurky, you’ll never have a bland slice of cornbread again! Recipe here.

Tofurky’s Jalapeño Bacon Cornbread


Recent Feedback

Jevranne Martel at Ottawa Ribfest
Above is VO Canada Outreach Coordinator Jevranne Martel leafleting the Ottawa Ribfest.

Volunteers Erica Perrault [below, left], Hiruni Erantha [below, right], Brent Huang, Kevin Ulug, Beccah Ellis, and I handed out more than 2,000 VO booklets at the Ottawa Ribfest on Sparks Street. We made an appearance every single day of this five-day event, which was Ottawa’s second ribfest so far this year, with a couple more to come.

Erica Perrault and Hiruni Erantha at Ottawa Ribfest

We had some really amazing interactions and were also very pleasantly surprised at how many vegans and vegetarians approached us asking how to get more involved. On the first day, we recruited five new activists. So excited to see the growth in the movement—it never fails to put the biggest smile on my face.

We did have a few people approach us trying to get a reaction from us, but by engaging calmly and being respectful, the dynamic changed and a few of the conversations ended with them giving us support and telling us our tactic really works and to keep it up.

Today one gentleman and his two friends and three other family members came back to us after he read the Compassionate Choices booklet. He told us that we really made him think and that even though they came to the festival for the ribs, they were no longer going to be getting any.

—Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator, 6/18/17


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