Festival Zapal

By Katia Rodriguez, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator

On July 1, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez, volunteers Anasofia Vela, Angelica Burciaga, Iris Olivares, and I drove to Saltillo, Coahuila, to attend the Zapal music festival. This was the first time Vegan Outreach had done outreach at a music festival in Mexico! It was a huge event—an estimated 11,000 people attended.

VO at Festival Zapal

At our table, we had six of Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets, as well as Vegan Outreach leaflets, and other free vegan resources. There was a seemingly endless line of people waiting to watch the video, which educates viewers about the treatment of millions of chickens raised for food on farms in Mexico. After attendees viewed the footage, we asked them what they thought and offered support in reducing their animal food consumption. We gave them VO leaflets, and helpful vegan eating and shopping guides, and recommended signing up for VO’s Spanish Vegan Mentor Program.

Anasofia Vela and iAnimal viewer at Festival Zapal

A total of 263 attendees used the iAnimal headsets. The organizers of the music festival were so impressed by the number of people interested in our outreach, they asked us to be a part of the festival again next year!


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Recent Feedback

Jenny Welch, Stacy Shepanek, and Yvonne Neumann at CFM
Above is VO’s Stacy Shepanek (center) with volunteers Jenny Welch and Yvonne Neumann.

Tabling at the Charleston Farmers Market with Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets, we got great responses and even had a productive conversation with a dairy farmer. We talked to a lot of people who were curious about veganism, and we gave out Field Roast samples and a lot of literature.

—Stacy Shepanek, VO South Carolina Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer, 7/29/17


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