Mac Down Mania!

This summer, Vegan Outreach, together with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, hosted four Mac Down competitions at various locations around the country. Vegan mac and cheese took over the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Columbus, and Denver. And with Mac Down SC coming up in just a couple of weeks, Columbia will soon experience its own taste of delicious cheesiness.

Mac Down Santa Fe at Warehouse 21

At these competitions, food enthusiasts whipped up their best vegan version of mac and cheese, and the lucky judges—event attendees—voted on which vegan mac tasted best! Competitors ranged from celebrity and gourmet chefs and restaurant owners to local nonprofit organizers, amateur cooks, and community members.

Mac Down LA at the Shumei America National Center

As you can imagine, it was quite the task for judges to choose just one dish as their favorite. A few of the winning dishes were:

● Buffalo Mac-N-Cheese—Los Angeles

● It’s Nacho Mama’s Mac—Santa Fe

● Green Chili Mac and Cheese—Denver

Mac Down Columbus at the Wolfe Shelterhouse

A great aspect about these events is that they attract vegans and non-vegans alike! Mac Downs provide opportunities for non-vegans to experience how tasty vegan food can be.

Denver Social Justice Mac Down at the Denver Art Society

A lot of energy and time went into making these Mac Downs happen, and we want to give a big thank you to the many companies—too numerous to name here—who generously donated prizes and other items. Event attendees and competitors received cookbooks, gift cards to local vegan restaurants, vegan dog treats, and coupons for vegan food products, body care items, and even for cooking classes with celebrity chef Del Sroufe of Forks Over Knives.

Columbus Veg Community members

We also want to thank all the competitors and judges who participated, and express a very special thank you to the organizers and volunteers who made it all happen.

Be sure to check out upcoming recipe posts on Vegan Outreach’s Vegan Living & Advocacy Blog! In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring a few of the winning recipes from the Mac Down events.


Leaflet Like a Pro

Activists who plan to leaflet this fall semester, check out VO Director of Outreach Vic Sjodin’s quick and easy tips for effective outreach.

Leaflet Like a Pro


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Hidden beach at Manuel Antonio National Park


Beetroot Hummus

Janet Kearney, cofounder of the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting Facebook group, has provided us a bright and colorful hummus recipe that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Beetroot Hummus by Janet Kearney
Photo: © Janet Kearney / @veganpregnancyandparenting


Chocolate Oreo Vegan Blizzard

Treat yourself to this delicious chocolate treat that will satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth! Recipe here.

Chocolate Oreo Vegan Blizzard


Recent Feedback

Rakesh and friends at Shastri Circle

From VO India Outreach Coordinator Siddharth Sharma:

Last Wednesday, I handed out 800 booklets at Shastri Circle in Jodhpur. Rakesh Rajpurohit [above, left, with his friends] is a nutritionist and vegetarian. After becoming aware of the facts about veganism and what’s happening with animals in the meat and dairy industries, he promised to go vegan and find some more sources of vitamins and proteins through the internet.

Neeraj, Siddharth, Mayank, and Rakesh at Shree Pal Balaji Mandir

A very good number of people come to Shree Pal Balaji Mandir on Saturday, so volunteer Mayank Aggarwal and I decided to do outreach there. We met Rakesh—the same guy I met at Shastri Circle—and he joined us for the outreach [above, right]. Together we handed out 1,100 booklets. Neeraj Rana [above, left] is vegetarian, but after knowing the health benefits of veganism, he promised us he’ll go vegan soon.

Siddharth Sharma with professors at CET Bikaner

Today at the College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner, volunteer Apoorva Dixit and I handed out 1,200 booklets. Professor Alka Swami [above, second from left] is vegetarian and had heard about veganism before. After we discussed vegan alternatives and nutrition, she promised me she’ll go vegan. Professor Singh [above, right, with Siddharth] told us he appreciates Vegan Outreach’s efforts. He’s also vegetarian and promised to become vegan.

—Siddharth Sharma, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 8/28/17


Upcoming Events

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Asheville VegFest • September 3 • Asheville, NC
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More upcoming events.


Joe Coleman, The Vegan Monk


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