Record-Breaking Day of Leafleting

By Vic Sjodin, VO Director of Outreach

Last Monday was a special day in Vegan Outreach’s US leafleting history—a record number of 10,187 leaflets were distributed on one campus in one day.

Steven, Justino, Evan, Vic, John, Kacy, Gwenna, and Phil at CSUN
Above (from left) are Steven Litrov, Justino Molinaro, Evan Shamoon, Vic Sjodin, John Oberg, Kacy Franzen, Gwenna Hunter, and Phil Letten at CSUN.

On Sunday evening, I contacted about 15 local activists to see if they could join me to leaflet on the California State University Northridge campus. I knew it was a big ask because almost every person I contacted has a 9-to-5 job and just busy lives in general. To my surprise, my recruitment efforts were successful.

Steven Litrov was at my door by 5:30 am the next morning. After lugging twelve 38-pound boxes into my car, Steven, Kacy Franzen, and I hustled to pick up Phil Letten and Gwenna Hunter.

Gwenna, Phil, Kacy, Steven, and Vic driving to CSUN

On campus, Evan Shamoon and Justino Molinaro joined the team—they’d never leafleted for VO before but were quick to jump in and help. By 10:00 am, we were all very hot from standing in the intense heat wave that hit the valley last week—it was upward of 110 degrees!

We saw many students reading and discussing the literature, and several students returned to ask questions. One told me he wanted to go vegan, so I gave him our Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating.

Gwenna, Steven, and Phil at CSUN

Around 1:30 pm, we were joined by John Oberg. He helped us pass out the last 1,800 booklets and cross the 10,000-leaflet milestone! Every leafleter was elated to have reached so many fertile minds and open hearts.

I was personally moved by the number of activists who came together to help spread the word, and I want to send a big thank you to each person! I also want to say thank you to the dedicated team of Outreach Coordinators who are on the road this semester, reaching college-aged people around the globe at incredible rates—and to the generous donors who make it all possible!

It’s fantastic knowing that we’re out there each day, effectively reaching students about the importance of advocating for animals.


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Recent Feedback

Amy Duquette, Jev Martel, and Hiruni Erantha at Ottawa Pride
Above are Amy Duquette, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator Jevranne Martel, and Hiruni Erantha at the Ottawa Capital Pride celebration.

Such an absolutely amazing—ahh-maze-ing!!!—day today with volunteers Amy Duquette and Hiruni Erantha at the Ottawa Pride parade! We got so much support—so many smiles and receptive people. I was running up ahead and handing out leaflets to every person waiting on the sides. And even though it’s harder to have chats in these crowds, I did have a few really great ones—not only with people wanting to know more about veganism, but also with eleven interested in becoming activists. My face was lit up all day, and I’m already in contact with a few of them about starting up soon. Such a perfect, perfect day!

—Jevranne Martel, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator, 8/27/17

John Deetjen
Above is VO Outreach Coordinator John Deetjen, who kicked off this semester with four record-breaking days in a row!

On Monday, volunteer Danny Vega and I handed out 1,800 leaflets at the College of Lake County. What a great tour opener that resulted in three new records for CLC: new individual record, new overall campus record, and my own personal record! The reception was great—lots of good conversations with students on the first day of school!

Wow! Another day, another new record! I was lucky enough to team up with One Step for Animals cofounder Joe Espinosa at Illinois State on Tuesday, and together we reached well over 3,000 students! My favorite moment was when I offered a student a booklet and he said, “I’m already vegetarian!” A student behind him heard this and said, “Hey! I’ve been wanting to go veg, too!” It was a cool moment with high fives and encouragement all around!

Absolutely crushed the old record at Purdue University on Wednesday! The reception was fantastic—numerous people asked me if I had more information on how to go vegan, and I was giving out Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets like candy! Big, big changes happening at Purdue! Thanks to volunteer Nicole Griffin, who runs the animal rights club on campus, for helping leaflet in between her classes!

Today was another big day in Indiana! I handed out more than 2,900 booklets at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and had lots of good conversations with students. My favorite of the day was when I met Luis [below], who said that, thanks to the booklet he got, he enjoyed a vegan lunch! He then signed up for our email list on the spot and happily took a Guide. I also overheard many students talking about speciesism, which is super cool to hear!

—John Deetjen, VO Outreach Coordinator, 8/24/17

Luis at IUPUI


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