Monterrey International Film Festival Outreach

By Katia Rodriguez, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator

The Monterrey International Film Festival was held in late August, and it was Vegan Outreach’s first time doing outreach at this popular and highly anticipated event.

Monterrey International Film Festival program

Throughout the week-long festival, several volunteers and I leafleted, showed Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality video, and told veg-curious attendees about the resources Vegan Outreach offers. A total of 122 people tried iAnimal and were particularly moved by the Mexican dairy farm footage. We also spoke about veganism with several Mexican and international actors, writers, directors, and producers.

iAnimal viewers at Monterrey International Film Festival

Before the event, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez and I met with the festival organizers and suggested they serve vegan meals at the inaugural and closing galas. The organizers were very open and agreed to hire our friends from Revolución Verde—a 100% vegan restaurant in Monterrey—to cater. The people who attended the ceremonies enjoyed a vegan meal and loved it!

Luis Gerardo – 9/16 & 8/17

Another highlight of the event was when we saw Luis Gerardo (above), a college student Emmanuel and I met last year at the Universidad de Monterrey. When we first met him, he expressed interest in going vegan. We signed him up for VO’s Spanish Vegan Mentor Program and gave him more information about eating an animal-free diet. We were thrilled to hear Luis tell us he’s been vegan ever since!

Rebeca Salazar and Julio Silva with iAnimal viewers
Above are volunteers Rebeca Salazar and Julio Silva with iAnimal viewers.

I want to thank the festival organizers for their openness, and our amazing volunteers who helped a lot through the week—Juan Carlos Contreras, Rebeca Salazar, Miroslava Garza, Edgar Jimenez, Yuliana Lozano, Sheccid Torres, Angelica Burciaga, Julio Silva, Iris Olivares, Constanza Zuniga, and Luis Zepeda—and Revolución Verde for the sponsorship. I also want to thank all the Vegan Outreach donors whose generosity enabled us to make a big impact at this popular event!



Updated Guide

Our Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating has been updated—including a new title! Based on feedback pointing out that just because a food is vegan doesn’t mean it’s “cruelty-free,” since many workers in the food industry are abused and in some cases even enslaved, we’ve changed the title to the Guide to Animal-Free Eating. We hope you like the new version!


Everyday Vegans

Meet this every “Day” family that’s making a big difference for animals.

Eric, Wendy, Lea, and Eli Day


The Skeptical Vegan

VO Board Member Melissa Li gives us an overview of The Skeptical Vegan, a resource book that’ll keep readers hooked through laughter and entertainment.

The Skeptical Vegan


September Giveaway: Meaningful Paws

Hurry and enter our September giveaway—courtesy of Meaningful Paws.

Meaningful Paws tee and tote


Marsala Sauce

Give this Marsala Sauce recipe a try next time you make pasta or need a sauce for your favorite vegan cutlet.

Marsala Sauce


Stuffed Pretzel Knots with Nacho Cheese

Our friends at Tofurky have outdone themselves with this stuffed pretzel recipe!

Stuffed Pretzel Knots with Nacho Cheese


Recent Feedback

Rachel Shippee and Breanna at UI
Above is VO Outreach Coordinator Rachel Shippee with University of Iowa student Breanna.

Excellent first day of school in Iowa on Monday! Teamed up with Patti Rogers-Engelby and Lynn Gallagher, along with their new volunteer Emmy. The three of them also leafleted freshman orientation on Sunday, reaching 1,000 students—so all together, that’s over 5,000 University of Iowa students reached in two days! We even pulled out Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets later in the day and had some more productive conversations. I also met Breanna [above], who went vegan after getting a booklet last year.

Patti and I handed out 1,910 booklets at the University of Northern Iowa on Tuesday. And today at Iowa State, we teamed with volunteers Tali Arnold and Fonda Pollpeter, handing out another 4,600 booklets. We heard from at least a dozen vegetarians and vegans. I talked with one student who has been vegan for a year and remembers getting a booklet last year that motivated her to finally commit. I’m noticing that more students are stopping to tell us they are veg, asking how to get involved, or just want to talk about the new leaflet. I’m really enjoying using the new What Is Speciesism? booklets—they’re really getting the conversation started!

So thankful to Patti for getting to all three Iowa schools with me (for the umpteenth time) and coordinating her volunteers! Iowa has wonderful and dedicated activists that are really making waves out there. Thank you for all you do, Patti and Team!

—Rachel Shippee, VO Outreach Coordinator, 8/23/17

Awesome day at Marist College! One student—Samantha [below]—came back to tell me that, because of the leaflet she’d received earlier in the day, she’ll no longer be eating meat!

—Alexis Clark, VO Outreach Coordinator, 8/29/17

Samantha at Marist College


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If you care about animals, please consider not eating them.


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