Activist Profile: Jackie Va

Continuing our series of activist profiles, today we speak with Jackie Va, VO’s Interim Office Manager. Jackie is filling in while Josie Steiger is on family leave. She’s sending out booklets, processing your donations to VO, and much more—and when Josie returns, Jackie will take on a new role with VO’s Community Engagement team.

Jackie with Stina and Shivani at the Stockmarket
Above is Jackie (right) with Stockton Vegan Living volunteers Stina (left) and Shivani (center) at the Stockmarket, a community festival in Stockton, CA, where they provided free samples of vegan cheese and cheesecake.

Where are you from, where did you go to school, and what did you study?

I’m from Stockton, CA, and I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara. I first studied fine art, but after a while I couldn’t see myself going into that career field. I switched my major to geography to learn how to make maps. I graduated in 2014.

When did you become vegan and why?

I went vegetarian when I was 16 because I learned about global warming, and it just made sense because I always thought of myself as an animal lover. I became vegan at age 22 after I visited cows at the PreetiRang Sanctuary in Dixon, CA. After playing with the cows, I just couldn’t eat cheese anymore. My sister was already vegan, so she helped with my transition.

Read the full interview to find out how Jackie’s family responded to her vegan lifestyle, and the activism she’s involved in!


Orapax Restaurant Adds Vegan Options!

This Virginia-based Greek food restaurant has made it easy for vegans to enjoy a cheesy meal—check out the most recent success of our campaigns department!

Orapax Restaurant Adds Vegan Options!
Photo: © The Orapax Restaurant and Bar


Student Contacts Needed for Virtual Reality Tour!

Vegan Outreach will be going on its first virtual reality tour, and if you’re a college student in the northeastern quadrant of the US, we need your help! Find out how here.

Students Needed!


Celebrating Halloween with Vegan Kids—and Not So Vegan Candy

Janet Kearney, cofounder of the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting Facebook group, gives vegan parents a few tips for navigating Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween with Vegan Kids
Photo: @PeteWright


Los Angeles Tofurky Trot and Vegan Food Fest

Attention Los Angeles animal lovers—come celebrate Thanksgiving by participating in the LA Tofurky Trot and enjoying delicious animal-free food! Details, including a chance to win prizes, here.

Chase Compassion: Tofurky Trot


Five Minute Panang Curry Sauce

In a pinch for time, but hungry for a savory and flavorful meal? Tess Challis has got you covered with her Five Minute Panang Curry Sauce recipe.

Panang Curry Sauce
Photo: © Michelle Cehn / World of Vegan


Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie

As part of Vegetarian Awareness Month, start your morning off with Sharon Palmer’s Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie recipe!

Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie
Photo: © Sharon Palmer, RDN / The Plant-Powered Dietitian


Recent Feedback

Miguel Marron with Chris Foster and Niamh O’Sullivan at UVU
Above is VO Outreach Coordinator Miguel Marron (center) with Chris Foster and Niamh O’Sullivan at UVU.

Great volunteers today at Utah Valley University—philosophy professor Chris Foster and Niamh O’Sullivan [above]! Together we handed VO booklets to more than 1,500 students. We met about seven to eight vegans, and we’re helping them get in touch with each other to revive the Animal Allies club.

Mackenzie and Marian at UVU

Mackenzie [above, left] has been eating less meat since reading a VO booklet, and Marian [above, right] has been vegetarian since finding a Compassionate Choices left behind on a seat in her classroom a month ago!

—Miguel Marron, VO Outreach Coordinator, 9/29/17


Upcoming Events

Boston Veg Food Fest • October 21–22 • Boston, MA
More info.

Kingston VegFest • October 21 • Kingston, ON
More info.

Lowcountry VegFest • October 21 • Hilton Head Island, SC
More info.

People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy, & Food Justice Conference • October 21 • Los Angeles, CA
Speakers include VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator Katia Rodriguez and Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez, who’ll be speaking about their vegan advocacy in Mexico and the growing awareness of veganism in the country. More info.

Vegan Pizza Party Fundraiser • October 27–29 • Albuquerque, NM
WisePies is hosting a weekend-long fundraiser for Vegan Outreach! Bring your family, invite your friends, and get ready for delicious vegan pizza. Your money will go directly toward our life-changing outreach efforts. Contact VO Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Victor Flores at for more info.

More upcoming events.


Happy Hensday: Celebrate by going vegan!


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