Jev Martel and students at DurhamVeg Vegan Festival

Festival Outreach

On October 14, VO Canada Outreach Coordinator Jevranne Martel and volunteer Alec Bosse represented Vegan Outreach at the DurhamVeg Vegan Festival in Whitby, Ontario. Jevranne reports:

This was one of the most amazing days I’ve had at a veg fest. We were absolutely shocked and completely pleased to see the number of veg-curious people who came to check out this festival. There were so many moments of people lining up to talk to us, get literature, try Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets, or sign up for our e-newsletter.

We had some amazingly powerful reactions with the VR footage. It can be hard to see people cry but the emotions are powerful and this reaction happened on a few different occasions. So many people told us they were going to look into the links and information we gave them and that they really want to make the change in the best way.

I had four people directly tell me they were going vegan today. We also had so many vegans approach us wanting to get more involved in activism, including a group of students starting an animal rights club at their school [above]. They came over for support and guidance and to connect for next time I’m leafleting in the area.

Jev Martel, Heather Armstrong, et al. at Kingston VegFest

The following week, Jevranne tabled at the Kingston VegFest:

Another incredible and successful veg fest. Our table was continuously busy with lines of people stopping by not only to check out iAnimal but also to ask questions, show support, and ask for tips for more effective activism. Thank you so much to Heather Armstrong [above, far right], Sharon Ash, and all the amazing volunteers who helped!

Alexis Clark at Rochester VegFest

Last month in New York, VO Outreach Coordinator Alexis Clark tabled at the Rochester VegFest (above):

This was the first ever veg fest in Rochester! Despite it being a fairly small festival, I talked to so many people interested in VO and veganism in general. I found quite a few people who are looking to get involved as well, many of whom are thinking about volunteering next time VO is in town. There was also some interest in the Vegan Mentor Program—looks like soon we’ll have some new mentees!

VO Outreach Coordinator Rachel Shippee—who recently handed out her 300,000th pro-veg booklet!—tabled at this year’s Twin Cities Veg Fest, which was attended by more than 7,000 people:

Had a blast at this fest—a lot of interest and great conversations! So many people stopped at the table and signed up for VO’s e-news, I almost ran out of buttons! I also met a few people from other parts of Minnesota, and hope to connect with them when I’m leafleting in their areas. There were so many variations of diets at this fest, and I really enjoyed talking to people who were curious about veganism. Many had questions about food and nutrition, and I’m connecting a few people to our mentor program.

Lisa Rimmert with Eileen and Mackie/Fox family at DC VegFest

VO Director of Development Lisa Rimmert tabled at the DC VegFest:

Despite rain for most of the day, there was a great turnout. I heard from a person who saw VO’s Kimberly Moffatt leafleting at her school earlier that week, and she was so excited to see that. I talked with more than a few people who had never heard the word “speciesism” before, and several vegans who did and were happy to see it on a booklet.

A highlight for me, a fundraiser by day, was meeting a wonderful donor I had emailed with for years but never met in person [above, far left]. Thanks for stopping by, Eileen! A lot of people signed up for the e-news and a few for the mentor program. I was lucky to have help from volunteers Alden Mackie, Stephanie Fox, and their two boys [above, right].

iAnimal viewers at Asheville VegFest

Stacy Shepanek, VO’s South Carolina Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer, teamed with volunteer Savannah Woodard at the Asheville VegFest:

We had a great time doing outreach with Animal Equality’s iAnimal headsets [above]. A lot of vegetarians watched the dairy video and had strong reactions to it. There was another festival going on nearby, so many non-vegans wandered over and watched the VR footage. A few people said they were definitely going vegan after the experience—including a group of 13-year-olds who watched (with parental consent). We gave out a lot of guides and mentor cards.


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Recent Feedback

Steve Erlsten at CRC
VO’s Steve Erlsten (above) recently became the third person in Adopt a College history to hand out more than 800,000 booklets!

New record at Stanislaus State on Tuesday, and I met a student who went vegan after getting a booklet from me last year! Yesterday in Fresno, I had my 999th and 1,000th school outings—I think that makes me the fourth person to go leafleting at schools 1,000 times. The day was full of great conversations, including two with students who had been vegetarian for a while and were ready to go vegan! And today at College of the Sequoias and Redwood High School, another student said she went vegan because of our booklets, and several students are ready to go vegan!

—Steve Erlsten, VO Northern California Outreach Coordinator, 9/21/17

Today at Winston-Salem State University, I spoke with students [below] who said they had been considering going vegan but just didn’t know where to start. They said I should do a presentation at the school for people wanting to know about a vegan lifestyle. I referred them to our free mentor program.

—Gwenna Hunter, VO Greater Los Angeles Community Engagement and Events Coordinator, 9/25/17

Students at WSSU


Upcoming Events

Vegan Pizza Party Fundraiser • October 27–29 • Albuquerque, NM
WisePies is hosting a weekend-long fundraiser for Vegan Outreach! Bring your family, invite your friends, and get ready for delicious vegan pizza. Your money will go directly toward our life-changing outreach efforts. Contact VO Greater New Mexico Community Engagement and Events Coordinator Victor Flores at for more info.

Southwest VegFest • November 19 • Phoenix, AZ
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Space Coast Veg Fest • November 19 • Cocoa, FL
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