Lana Smithson at Boston Veg Food Fest

Festival Outreach in Boston and Monterrey

On October 21 and 22, VO New England Outreach Coordinator Lana Smithson (above) represented Vegan Outreach at the Boston Veg Food Fest:

Lots of people signed up for our e-newsletter, some parents encouraged their children to watch Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality footage, and I spoke with some University of Connecticut students who are interested in helping with VO’s spring VR tour.

I also met a young man [below, center], who said he went vegan after finding a Compassionate Choices booklet on the floor at Northeastern University!

Boston Veg Food Fest attendees

Last month in Monterrey, Nuevo León, VO Mexico Campaigns and Spanish Media Coordinator Katia Rodriguez tabled at the ViveNatural Fest:

I gave two talks to over 50 people each, 75 people tried iAnimal, and we handed out 1,800 Fresco leaflets and 52 guides. We had a very good number of volunteers: Angelica Burciaga, Juan Carlos Contreras, Luis Zepeda, Estephanie Salinas, Mariana Zamora, Angel Ramirez, Iris Olivares, and Julio Alvarado.

Estephanie was a vegetarian who joined our Vegan Mentor Program, and Luis was her mentor. They met at this event for the first time [below, left], and Estephanie has been vegan ever since and is now part of our team!

Estephanie & Luis at ViveNatural Fest, and Alejandro at marathon

We also reached a lot of people who were at an event in the next room, picking up shirts and other things for a marathon. Alejandro Mora has been vegan for two years and was excited to see us. He bought a shirt and told us he’d wear it for the marathon—and he did [above, right]!

Another highlight was seeing Alejandra [below], who spoke with us at a festival at her high school last year and has been vegan ever since!

Alejandra at UDEM in 9/16 and at ViveNatural Fest in 9/17


Activist Profile: Kacy Franzen

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we speak with VO Outreach Coordinator Kacy Franzen, who’s handed out 13,370 booklets at 13 schools in the Los Angeles area this fall. Read the interview.

Kacy Franzen


New Eating Out Resource Page

Are you a new or aspiring vegan? Check out our brand-new Eating Out page—we’ve got lots of tips and tricks to make your dining out experiences simple and enjoyable.

Eating Out
Photo: © Lee Torrens via


Product of the Week

Kacy: “Right now I’m obsessed with Miyoko’s cultured cheeses. I think if anyone says they can’t go vegan because they can’t give up cheese, all they need is Miyoko’s.”

Miyoko’s cultured cheese
Photo: © Miyoko’s Kitchen


Vegan Mac Down Santa Fe: It’s Nacho Mama’s Mac

It’s Nacho Mama’s Mac was the winner at VO’s Vegan Mac Down in Santa Fe. Thanks to Nataley Quintana, you’ll be craving a bowl of her creamy and delicious mac and cheese creation!

Vegan Mac Down Santa Fe


Recent Feedback

Saurabh Sonkar, Yogendra Yadav, Suhani, and Pooja at UoH
Above (from left): VO’s Saurabh Sonkar and students Yogendra Yadav, Suhani, and Pooja.

Leafleting in Telangana was awesome. The University of Hyderabad is a huge campus, and I was able to hand out 3,000 booklets. I met Yogendra Yadav [above], a vegetarian who appreciated VO’s work and told me he’ll go vegan soon. I also met Shayna, Binni, Archana, and Kaushal [below], who were unaware of the term “vegan” and saddened that they never gave thought to the brutality done to animals.

Shayna, Binni, Archana, and Kaushal at UoH

In the late evening, I went to the Charminar, a famous monument. It was really beautiful. I handed out another 1,000 booklets in the area, which was mostly filled with non-vegetarian people. Sadiq Iqbal [below, right] was impressed and said he’ll positively think about becoming vegetarian. I also met Yasir Khan [below, left], a local resident who took 100 leaflets to distribute in his circle.

—Saurabh Sonkar, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 10/16/17

Yasir Khan, Saurabh Sonkar, and Sadiq Iqbal at Charminar

Amit and Pooja at Connaught Place
Above: Volunteer Amit and VO’s Pooja Rathor.

Volunteer Amit and I [above] handed out 500 booklets today at Connaught Place in New Delhi. I had a small discussion with Manoj Kumar, Rohit Kumar, and Chris Antony [below]. Chris had plenty of questions about protein deficiency and the food chain but was open to the knowledge, and all three of them pledged to go vegan and asked for articles and videos for more information.

In all, six people pledged to go vegan. It was a great day!

—Pooja Rathor, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 10/20/17

Manoj Kumar, Rohit Kumar, and Chris Antony at Connaught Place

Emmanuel Marquez, Hector Hernandez, and Loretta Rivera at UPES
Above: VO’s Emmanuel Marquez and volunteers Hector Hernandez and Loretta Rivera.

Hector and Loretta [above] joined me at the Universidad Pedagógica del Estado de Sinaloa today. It was the first time visiting this campus. We had 29 views of Animal Equality’s iAnimal and very good interactions. Many people—like Alejandra [below]—decided to stop eating animals.

Alejandra at UPES

People were very open to the info—even school administrators visited our table. They were very happy to find out what we were doing and asked us to visit again. While we were preparing the table, I was invited to do an interview for the campus radio station [below]. It went very well and hopefully it’ll reach thousands of listeners all over the state of Sinaloa.

—Emmanuel Marquez, VO Mexico Outreach Coordinator, 10/7/17

Emmanuel Marquez et al. at UPES radio station


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