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Made with 200-needle machines, these premium socks are 75% bamboo rayon, 22% nylon, and 3% elastane. One size fits all, up to a US men’s size 12.

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Festival Outreach

On October 21, VO South Carolina Outreach Coordinator and Communications Designer Stacy Shepanek tabled at the Lowcountry VegFest in Hilton Head, SC:

Great day at the veg fest. A lot of non-vegans attended because it was in a public park and had live music. A total of 35 people used Animal Equality’s iAnimal virtual reality headsets. Grace Lorriane was so impacted by the footage, she was on her knees [below, left]. She’s vegan but was interested in the videos. Her reaction actually attracted other viewers. Another young vegan woman convinced her mother to watch the dairy video [below, center], and they both cried and hugged at the end. The mother will be going vegan.

Grace, Andrea, and Vanessa at Lowcountry VegFest

Outreach Coordinator Brian Chavez represented VO at the SoCal VegFest on October 28 and 29:

Ninety attendees signed up for our email list, and over a third want to volunteer for the Adopt a College leafleting program. Nearly 50 people stopped to watch the iAnimal virtual reality videos.

After watching the dairy cow video, a vegetarian named Ahmed said, “I’m definitely going to go vegan.” Vegetarians Jennifer, Miryan, and Gemma also said they’ll cut out dairy.

Aranza, a 15-year-old who eats meat and was volunteering with an animal rights group, was brought over to my booth by Brenda Calvillo of Humanity for Animals [below, right, with Brian]. After I showed Aranza the iAnimal pig video, she said she’ll try veganism. Poncho also watched the pig video and said, “I’ll try veganism.” He had tears and said it was intense. After Erica and Garrett watched it, I asked if they’ll try veganism and both said, “Definitely.” Another viewer named Vanetta also said yes and took a picture of Vegan for Life.

iAnimal viewer, Brenda Calvillo, and Brian Chavez at SoCal VegFest

On November 4, VO Southeast Outreach Coordinator Yuri Mitzkewich tabled at the Tampa Bay Veg Fest:

It was great having volunteers Manuela Woodrum and Jyoti Chawla at this event, likely the biggest veg fest in Tampa Bay yet. While Jyoti made sure every attendee at the speakers tent received a Why Vegan? booklet, Mannie did amazing work keeping the iAnimal outreach going at our table.

From beginning to end, we had a steady flow of vegans, vegetarians, and many veg-curious people coming up to take a turn. Of the 85 viewers, the best interaction was with Aramis, who was with his girlfriend, Lelani. Watching him react to the chicken video [below, right], it was obvious he was having a life-changing experience. Taking his headset off at the same time as her, he turned and immediately said he’d never eat another piece of meat again!

Another great find was Sharon [below, center, with Yuri], who stopped by to thank VO for our Vegan Mentor Program. She signed up and got a local vegan from the Tampa area to help her make the switch, and has now been vegan for almost a year thanks to this vital resource VO offers!

iAnimal viewers, Yuri Mitzkewich, Sharon, and Aramis at Tampa Bay Veg Fest


30,000 Want Vegan Cheese at California Pizza Kitchen

Tell California Pizza Kitchen that you want vegan cheese! Details here.

Stacy, Chrystal, and friends with CPK signs


Vegan Mentor Program: Elizabeth and Sunny

Vegan Outreach’s Vegan Mentor Program doesn’t just foster support, it grows new friendships! Read this uplifting story from VMP participants Elizabeth and Sunny.

VMP participants Elizabeth Green and Sunny Nowell


Eating Vegan with Jona of I Killed the Prom Queen

Spend the day with I Killed the Prom Queen’s Jona Weinhofen and his wife, Michelle, to see the types of delicious vegan meals they like to eat! Video here.

Jona Weinhofen and his wife, Michelle


Kuntal Joisher: The Vegan Who Conquered Mt. Everest

Read Vegan Outreach’s interview with Kuntal Joisher, a passionate animal advocate who has a knack for climbing big mountains.

Kuntal Joisher on Mt. Everest
Photo: © Mingma Tenzi Sherpa


Kite Hill’s Almond Milk Yogurt Tubes

A serving of tasty yogurt—no spoon required. Read more.

Kite Hill yogurt tubes


Nov ’17: WarblerGarb Herbivore Pullover Giveaway

Enter here for a chance to win WarblerGarb’s Herbivore Dino pullover sweatshirt!

Herbivore Dino pullover from WarblerGarb


Buffalo Chickpea Tacos with Celery Ranch Sauce

Taco night will never be the same thanks to this recipe from Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen.

Buffalo Chickpea Tacos with Celery Ranch Sauce
Photo: © Richa Hingle / VeganRicha.com


Individual Chocolate Stout Cakes

Thanks to Spork Foods’ Jenny Engel and Heather Bell, we’ll all be wondering why we ever settled for just a slice of cake. Check out this recipe to see how everyone can have their own personal-sized cake!

Individual Chocolate Stout Cakes
Photo: © Kate Lewis


Recent Feedback

How I love being a VO mentor. What follows is [an excerpt from] a happy note from a mentee:

Wanted to share a quick story I know you will enjoy. The other day I was asking M. what he wanted for dinner, and he said something I never ever thought I would hear from him. “Can we have tofu?” I think my mouth dropped open because he started to laugh. I asked when the aliens were returning my real husband.

M. is really enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle, which I am so glad for.

—JCS, St. Catharines, ON, 10/4/17


Upcoming Events

Southwest VegFest • November 19 • Phoenix, AZ
More info.

Space Coast Veg Fest • November 19 • Cocoa, FL
More info.

More upcoming events.


Emmanuel Marquez et al.

MILESTONE: Shout-out to VO Mexico Outreach Manager Emmanuel Marquez for personally handing out 300K #VeganOutreach booklets!


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